Vodafone Offers New WLL Service in Germany

Vodafone Offers New WLL Service in Germany

Vodafone Germany will use its extensive network of mobile phone base stations to deploy a new technology of wireless internet access that will provide speeds up to 300Mbps in less populated areas.

Thanks to the “Wireless Local Loop(WLL)“, Vodafone will provide point to point that will link to any of mobile phone base stations, as far as its backbone comes with the customer’s home.

This product is primarily intended for businesses located in rural areas and can provide speeds up to 300 Mbps, thus surpassing even the benefits offered by LTE for fixed locations and putting the rural speed at height having fiber currently.

The deployment was to ensure that this connection may be contracted throughout the country, wherever there sight between the customer premises and the base station.

“With our WLL, we offer our business customers a very powerful and cost-effective alternative technology to a conventional fixed line. Thus we are expanding our standard portfolio for broadband connections to an additional variant, “explains Philip Lacor, Managing Director corporate Banking Vodafone Germany.

The radio technology replaces the traditional fixed line, through a point-to-point connection between a Vodafone base station and the customer premises. To this end, only a directional antenna on the customer’s building needs to be installed. In addition, a so-called “Line Of Sight” check takes place before installation to ensure that visual contact between the base station and the antenna at the company location is available.

With two to 300 megabits per second, Vodafone provides its business customers a wide range of bandwidth. Here, the WLL offer is ideal especially for two scenarios: first, for remote company locations in which area that no powerful landline connection is available at such speeds. Secondly, as a high quality backup for businesses that need a reliable second line based on an alternative access technology and for reasons of cost and availability reasons, do not want to rely on another line in the ground.


Source: Vodafone Germany



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