Superfast Broadband More Important Than Airports or HS2, says IET

Superfast Broadband More Important Than Airports or HS2, says IET

Recently, Institution of Engineering and Technology(IET) run a research for Britain on what infrastructure improvements would bring the greatest benefit to the British economy.

The result of a survey from 2,000 members of the general public shows that the British public is more concerned on superfast broadband rather than building high-speed rail or expanding airport capacity.

43 per cent of those questioned said that they believed expanding the country’s internet and broadband capabilities would deliver the most economic benefit. Around 30 per cent said they thought increasing airport capacity would be most beneficial, either by building new terminals at existing airports or by constructing new airports altogether.

Scott Fletcher, founder of ANS Group stated that superfast broadband would boost UK more than HS2. By equipping every business with superfast broadband would be far more financially beneficial to the UK than spending upwards of £45billion on a new high-speed railway, not to mention cheaper!

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