BT Introduced Landline, Broadband and Service Charge!

BT Introduced Landline, Broadband and Service Charge!

BT, the British telecommunications giant, is reportedly raises a range of charges which makes millions of its phone customers will pay a higher bill this month. The basic line rental for BT customers lifts from £15.45 to £15.99 per month.

BT has introduced landline, broadband and service charges that are expected to generate £245million a year. Most controversially, BT‘s 10million customers will have to pay an extra £1.75 a month for the previously free 1571 voicemail service, which allows callers to leave a message.

Individuals must contact the firm to opt out if they do not want to pay for the service. Although they only come into effect from January 4, the increases were disclosed in September.


Photo Credit: Elliot Brown

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