The National Broadband Plan Accepted By The Council of Ministers in Poland

The National Broadband Plan Accepted By The Council of Ministers in Poland

The National Broadband Plan is the first in Poland as a comprehensive program for the development of broadband networks, defining lines of action in the perspective of 2020 to ensure universal access to high speed internet.

By adopting this plan, Poland joins the group of countries which (thanks to the implementation of its plans for the development of broadband networks), build a modern broadband infrastructure. According to the ITU report entitled “Planning for Progress: why the National Broadband Plans Matter” countries with national broadband plans have an average of 8.7 percent. Higher penetration of broadband Internet desktop than countries without such programs. Poland already has more modern than the optical fiber links countries like France and Italy.

With the adoption and implementation of the National Broadband Plan, access to high speed broadband gain nearly 16.5 million Poles. This in turn will cause in Poland by 2020 fade barriers in access to high-speed services for both residents and business.

The potential is fully exploited conducted processes of public administration, improving its performance and reducing costs for residents, business and offices themselves.

With full availability of high-speed services the competitiveness of the country and its regions will increase which will be automatically initiated potential GDP growth, productivity and employment resulting from wider use of the Internet and information technology. NPS will be implemented in 2014-2020, and for the coordination and supervision of the implementation will correspond to Minister of Administration and Digitization.


Photo Credit: Jonel Hanopol



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