Telefonica Expands Fibre Broadband Connectivity in Castile and Leon

Telefonica Expands Fibre Broadband Connectivity in Castile and Leon

This year, Telefonica, headed by Cesar Alierta, will invest 66 million euros in ultra-fast broadband for Castile and Leon.

As reported by the regional CEO of Telefonica, Adrian García Nevado, 70% of the investment will be used to install fiber to the home, which allows real connection speeds of 100 megabytes in downloading data and more than ten on the rise, while the remaining 30% will be for the deployment of 4G mobile broadband.

Telefonica will deploy fiber broadband connectivity this year in twenty-seven new locations, including Burgos, Aranda de Duero, Miranda de Ebro, Leon, Ponferrada, Palencia, Salamanca, Santa Maeta de Tormes, Valladolid, Arroyo of the Commandery, Fuensaldana, Zaratan, Zamora and Benavente. Areas of special business concentration as industrial estates will also be given special attention in the deployment of fibre broadband.

As mobile broadband, Telefonica LTE, will be available in 2014 in all the provincial capitals of Castile and Leon, in a in full and partially in other. The head of Telefonica in Castile and Leon, Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha has been featured in press conference at the end of 2014, stating that 32% of the population of the Autonomous Community will have fiber optics connectivity.

It was also known that this year, Telefonica will focus on boosting its TV services that offers through broadband, which the firm says will charge even more relevance with ultrafast fiber optic lines, for the possibilities for optimal user experience .

Recently, Telefonica reported that in the last three months of 2013, succeeded in capturing 64,000 customers for Movistar TV and getting to go around the TV business, thanks to the promotions put in place, which further continue this year.

According to data from the end of December, Telefonica ended the year leading the field of fiber optics in Spain, experiencing a growth of 90.3% to reach 600,000 users with this technology.


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