A1 Launches LTE in The 800MHz Frequency Range in Austria

A1 Launches LTE in The 800MHz Frequency Range in Austria

After the auction of an extensive radio frequency packet (“LTE auction”) in the fall of last year, A1 Telekom Austria has now equipped the next mobile generation LTE in the 800 MHz frequency range on the first 200 locations in Austria.

As the plans for it actually look like, was presented on Tuesday morning at a press conference in Vienna, it became clear that A1 has now launched a national expansion on the outskirts and in rural areas after the construction of the mobile data network 4G/LTE in the metropolitan areas.

A1 has two-thirds of the frequencies offered auctioned in this area, the decisive advantages in the large-scale supply of the population will bring to mobile data services.

“The attractiveness of LTE 800 is in the favorable propagation characteristics. The lower the frequency, the larger the area, which we can provide you with an antenna. This provides especially in the suburbs and rural areas decisive advantages for a rapid and successful economic supply. Regions that are now outside the coverage area of 3G networks, will benefit the most, there is the achievable data transmission rates multiply,” said A1 CTO, Marcus Grausam.

In addition, areas with existing 3G coverage will benefit because there LTE 800 is increasingly relieving the existing networks. For the user this means a significant increase in the average data rates and shorter waiting times for the mobile transmission of images or video clips.

“For us as a network operator, the frequency equipment plays an increasingly important role. With the acquired spectrum, we have laid the foundation for the design of mobile coverage the next 20 years and have the best frequency allocation in Europe. This gives us a competitive edge,” said Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO of A1 Telekom Austria.

There are already more than 1,200 different LTE-enabled devices for Austrian users. Many of them are also available at A1. The brand new addition is the A1 Internet Box to WiFi and 4G.


Written by Marcus F. Hogg.



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