MTS Expands LTE Coverage in The Rostov Region

MTS Expands LTE Coverage in The Rostov Region

The company Mobile TeleSystems(MTS) has announced the expansion of the LTE network in the Rostov region. Aksay became the tenth city in the region, in which appeared the mobile Internet at speeds up to 75Mbps, CNews reported in the statement.

“In October last year, when we are announcing a plans to launch LTE network in the Rostov region until the end of December, we talked about covering the largest cities in the region. We fully realize our plans – to date MTS will provide benefits of the most modern communication standard 10 residents of the largest cities in the Rostov regionthat are home to 2.3 million people. Currently more than 40% of our subscribers use mobile data services and mobile Internet consumption in our network in the last year has quadrupled,” said the director of MTS Rostov region, Denis Lysov.

MTS LTE network provides high-speed internet access, which allows users to watch streaming HD-video, surf the Internet, work remotely, as well as participate in webinars and video conferencing that require high speeds smoothly. To businessmen, 4G network will help make your business more mobile – not only to introduce the most advanced telecom solutions, such as VPN, but also to quickly deploy a full-fledged office anywhere in the city.

Today MTS 4G network in LTE FDD standard supports a variety of user devices, including about 25 models of modern tablets and smartphones which are sold in MTS retail stores and online store, including devices and iPhone 5s/5c, iPad Air and a new iPad mini. In addition, at the end of last year, MTS launched the sale of its own LTE-tablet MTS 1078 and LTE-smartphone MTS 978.


Written by Dennis Medvedev. Source CNews.
Photo Credit: sam powers



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