Huawei and IB-RED Deploys the First European Network of Ultrafast 4G Broadband

Huawei and IB-RED Deploys the First European Network of Ultrafast 4G Broadband

Huawei, a global leading provider of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), alongside the Spanish telecom operator, Balearic IB-RED, has announced the deployment of the first European network of ultrafast 4G broadband for rural area in Spain.

The new LTE network will enable the democratization of Internet connections in the islands, as any resident of rural and urban areas, regardless of population density, will enjoy fixed Internet connections at speeds ranging between 20 and 40 megs.

IB-RED will release the new 4G internet connection service for home or business in the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, allowing connectivity to high-speed Internet coverage in large areas, especially in rural areas or with high dispersion geographic. 4G mobile broadband currently only reach the Palma de Mallorca, while in the next two years is expected to reach a part of Ibiza.

Huawei will provide for IB-RED the end-to-end LTE TDD solution in 3.5Ghz band, including Core Network, 17 base stations and CPE’s outdoor, that will cover the four islands. With this deployment, IB-RED uses all the advanced features of Huawei solutions (ICIC, Breanforming, etc..) as well as having a network infrastructure which ready to support the evolution of 4G LTE-Advance. Besides technology, Huawei will provide support for the implementation of this pioneering for capacity and coverage in Spain for such services (Fixed Wireless) network.

In client connections were yielded rates of 25Mbps to end customer, for 7km without direct view, and with 10mhz channel configuration. At 20 Mhz channel, there has been more than 50 MB at distances up to 25km, with direct view. Most notable are the benefits of the high rates of spreading 3.5Ghz band, intended for fixed broadband wireless, achieving high transfer rates to 10km with maximum modulation and technologies associated with the 4G revolution.

This has been achieved by some of the features of 4G devices available as MIMO (multiple input multiple output) which allows using the wave reflections to add transmissions, the transmission power of the base stations (4 x 10 W) and multiplexing schemes using TDD (time division duplex) and synchronizing transmissions between different antennas to optimize spectrum utilization and connectivity to the core network.

“In line with Huawei’s commitment with the Spanish Society, we believe that this project, while making a quantum leap at European level in the field of telecommunications in rural settings, is a major step towards technological democratization of our country and towards reducing the digital divide,” said Li Xiaoke, CEO of Huawei Enterprise.

According to the Director General of IB-RED, Alberto Navarro-Rubio, the new 4G LTE network will sail 50 times faster than conventional WiMax. Definitely change the ADSL system and will mean a revolution in Baleares, because we can reach every corner of the islands with blazing-fast speeds, unlimited downloads, with lower latency and higher stability. The IB deploying 4G-RED will be accessible to all people at affordable prices.

The tourism sector is one of the most favored with this technological revolution because any holiday accommodation, rural accommodation or hotel at historically deficit areas in telecommunications can improve your rankings and provide Internet service of the highest quality.



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