Broadband Speed in Europe Continued To Grow During The Third Quarter of 2013

Broadband Speed in Europe Continued To Grow During The Third Quarter of 2013

The global average broadband speed continued its upward trend in the third quarter of 2013, growing 10 percent over the previous quarter to reach 3.6Mbps.

In Europe, the Netherlands (ranked #4 globally) obtained the highest quarterly growth (23 percent) with an average connection speed of 12.5Mbps.

The rate of global average peak connection showed a slight slope in the third quarter of 2013, down 5.2 percent to 17.9Mbps.

However, a review of annual changes reveals that a number of European countries had an increase in average peak connection speed of more than 20 percent or more compared to the third quarter of 2012.

These include the Netherlands (an increase of 29 percent to 39.6Mbps), the Czech Republic (up 28 percent to 34.8Mbps), the UK (up 27 percent to 35.7 Mbps) Sweden (up 23 percent to 33.1Mbps), Austria (an increase of 23 percent to 30.4Mbps), Romania (an increase of 22 percent to 45.4Mbps), Norway (up 22 percent to 28.2Mbps ) and Ireland (up 20 percent to 31.8Mbps).

The adoption of broadband high speed (> 10 Mbps) in Europe continued to grow during the third quarter of 2013. European countries in the global list of the top 10 countries, the Netherlands which experienced the largest quarterly increase with 45 percent, followed by Denmark (38 percent), Belgium (36 percent), the Republic Czech (31 percent), Switzerland (6.7 percent) and Latvia (3.7 percent).

Significant annual increments were seen in a number of European countries, including Turkey (215 percent), France (188 percent), United Kingdom (151 percent), Czech Republic (136 percent), Ireland (126 percent) , Belgium (117 percent), Netherlands (106 percent), Portugal and Germany (both 104 percent).

“In the third quarter of 2013, we observed that the long-term growth of the average connection speed peak remains strong, as the growth of global adoption rates of broadband and high-speed broadband. We believe these trends point to a continued improvement in the quality and performance of Internet connectivity in all countries of the world,” said David Belson, editor of the report.


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