Vodafone Has Lost Nearly Half Million Customers in Portugal Last Year

Vodafone Has Lost Nearly Half Million Customers in Portugal Last Year

Vodafone Portugal ended the last quarter of 2013 to nearly 5.8 million customers. In the last year the operator has reduced by almost half a million the number of subscribers in the Portuguese market.

In late December Vodafone added up to 5.774 million customers in Portugal. A year ago, at the end of its fiscal third quarter, the company had accumulated in Portugal 6.267 million customers, which leads to a decrease of 493 thousand. The quarter under review now contributes to this decline with the loss of 122 thousand customers. The report of the company accounts, released today, also shows that revenues from services in the local market amounted to 198 million pounds ($ 238.64 million), slightly below that recorded in December last year.

The nearly 5.8 million customers of the operator in Portugal spoke between October and December to approximately 3.1 billion minutes to the mobile phone number that represents growth, both as regards the previous three months, as compared with the same period . But the use of the messaging service declined compared to the same comparative indicators, reaching 4.28 billion. The mobile data usage (in minutes) reached 2.9 billion less than in the Christmas quarter, but higher than the values ​​recorded in all previous quarters.

The overwhelming majority of customers of the operator in Portugal are prepaid, a preference that is higher in Portugal than in any other European country except Italy.

On average each customer of Vodafone Portugal has spent 11.8 euros monthly, a value lower among users of prepaid cards (8.2 euros) and that increases in contracts (to 27.5 euros). Still, 37.2% of assets in the carrier network cards give service to smartphones, 70% of whom live data plans.

The report also provides information regarding the number of Vodafone fixed broadband customers in Portugal, revealing that in late December the carrier operated 172 000 customers in this service, having gained 39,000 new subscribers during the quarter.

The Portuguese operation of fixed Internet services is only the 5th largest group in Europe, but for the quarter was one of the fastest growing, accounting for almost half net additions recorded.

The results released today also show an indicators of operating performance of the Portuguese in the first half of the fiscal year (ending in late March). According to these indicators, the British group earned 460 million pounds between April and September in Portugal. A year earlier, in the same period, had added 479 million pounds in the first half.

Written by Ryan Nuetes. Photo courtesy of Nelson Garrido.



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