SES Broadband Services Will Provide High-Speed Connectivity to German Communities

SES Broadband Services Will Provide High-Speed Connectivity to German Communities

SES announced that it has signed an agreements to provide its satellite broadband “ASTRA Connect for Communities” to 15 German municipalities in various regions of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The communities that have engaged with the “ASTRA Connect for Communities” service (which include Steesow, Behren-Lubchin, Luhburg, Bollewick, Lubs, Bartelshagen II, Fuhlendorf and Saal) have received subsidies (a combination of public funds, including the EU and regional and national) funding for the development of broadband, as the European Agricultural Fund for Rural development (EAFRD) and Rural Development Programmes (RDP).

There are many communities in Germany and further afield in Europe that need such a service quickly and without elaborate costs. We are sure the solution fits very well into the German broadband landscape and provides a cost effective and competitive service for other villages and regions that are unconnected so far. We are convinced that communities in other European countries can also benefit from such service and are aiming to further roll it out in other countries,” said Patrick Biewer, Managing Director of SES Broadband Services.

The “ASTRA Connect for Communities” solution uses a single satellite antenna installed at a central head-end and the broadband connection is supplied to the end users via WiFi access or the existing terrestrial telephone network. This provides all households within the head-end reach with internet access at speeds of up to 25Mbit/s. Depending on the geographical location of the village, one or more head-ends can be installed to provide the required coverage.


Source: SES