Vodafone Italy First Test of LTE-Advanced Hit 250 Mbps In Download

Vodafone Italy First Test of LTE-Advanced Hit 250 Mbps In Download

While waiting for the 5G to become a reality, the market is moving to begin ferrying their services from LTE to the new standards of ultra-wideband. To understand what lies ahead, Vodafone Italy has shown the results of its first test of LTE-Advanced technology for 4G networks which promises connection speed of 250 Mbps in download, more than double the maximum speed currently available on mobile networks in Italy.

One gigabyte in 30 seconds. These are the capabilities of LTE-advanced, evolution of 4G currently in an experimental phase which Vodafone has given a practical demonstration yesterday in Naples. The event was the first of its kind in Italy and among the first in the continent, and is the beginning of a countdown to the next step of the high speed one mobile Maximum download speed more than doubled compared to the results obtained from LTE classic.

Even though conducted in theoretical conditions, the demo gives some interesting clues about the potential of this standard evolved.

LTE-Advanced, currently only available on an experimental basis, it can be used on a large scale starting from 2015, when that will come on the market with the first mobile terminal to support the simultaneous use of multiple frequency bands (eg 1800MHz and 2600MHz).

The current trial and the subsequent development of LTE-Advanced fall into the mega-investment of Vodafone Project Spring which provides more than €3.5 billion of new investment in Italy in the next two years. The project was rolled out last year as an organic-investment program aiming to improve network quality for customers in Europe and emerging markets, as well as increasing annual dividend.


Photo Credit: Flickr/Online Foum Milan



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