Huawei and Madrid University Signed Partnership Project – “Leading the LTE Era”

Huawei and Madrid University Signed Partnership Project – “Leading the LTE Era”

Huawei, a leading global provider of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), have signed an agreement with the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) on Wednesday, to implement an educational project “Leading the LTE Era”.

Mr. Don Carlos Conde Lazarus, Rector of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and Walter Ji, CEO of Huawei Spain, are responsible for signing the five cooperation agreements encompassing program, whose main objective is to train college, boost the learning environment through the use of advanced technologies (LTE / LTE-A) and democratize the deployment of next generation networks.

“Leading the LTE Era” consists of four pillars of action. The first pillar is a postgraduate course in mobile communications, imparted jointly by professors at ETSIT and Huawei Spain. The second pillar, will be the session of application licenses LTE Star 6.0 to enable the implementation of a virtual laboratory developed by Huawei. Meanwhile the third pillar is conducting six-month internship in Huawei Spain by ten students who have completed the program. Finally, Huawei will sponsor a study on the real problems and challenges that involve the deployment of LTE 30 Mbps access for rural areas in Spain.

This is the first agreement Huawei Spain has signed with a Spanish University and it is hoped it will be a huge benefit to the students at UPM. The main benefit is for college students, which combine with their official title with a proper title that complements their training and help to facilitate their future employability, for the staff of the University, who may take advantage of virtual laboratory, and for the Spanish company in general, which will benefit from the democratization of LTE/LTE-A technology.

“For Huawei this project is a milestone in the commitment the company has with the Spanish society in the field of education. Furthermore, it is an honor to walk hand in hand from the UPM, an institution that has trained many of the current leaders from the ICT market. In a global and competitive world like today, education is vital for the establishment of job opportunities. We hope that this agreement is a first step for further collaboration within the framework of research and education about the latest technologies, such as LTE,” said Walter Ji, CEO of Huawei Spain.


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