Spain Is One Of The Most Expensive EU Countries For Broadband?

Spain Is One Of The Most Expensive EU Countries For Broadband?

According to a study published by the European Commission, Spain is among the countries in the EU with higher prices for access to broadband Internet, further offer actual download speeds that barely 68% of the contracted for ADSL connections.

The differences between what Europeans pay for broadband is abysmal. These divergences can become 400%, as stressed by the European Commission (EC). Thus, the minimum prices ranging from 10 to 140 euros a month for internet speeds ranging from 12 to 30 megabits.

The broadband service being advertised more cheaper in Lithuania (from 10.30 euros), Romania (from 11.20 euros) and Latvia (from 14.60 euros). For its part, Spain is the second country after Cyprus, with the higher prices. Internet users in Spain in 2013 paid about 40 euros for at least a standard connection between 12 and 30 Mbps, the highest price in the EU after Cyprus, where the least paid for this type of service was 46 euros.

Among the large EU countries, the lowest rates of broadband Internet are in the UK (18.11), followed by Germany (20.09), France (25.28) and Italy (26.36). The most marked differences between the lowest and the highest price were Poland (20 to 140 euros) and Croatia (30 to 121 euros).

Other data provided by the European Commission show that the download speed can be 64% less than advertised. This rate varies depending on the technology used, from 71.1% in the case of ADSL, up 84.5% fiber and 89.3% in cable.

“While networks are improving, the gap between the advertised and actual speeds is as large as in 2012, confirming the need to strengthen and harmonize the rights of consumers. And the time for companies to make a joint effort to find better ways to advertise and explain their products has arrived. That’s the reaction I hope these conclusions arise”, said Vice President of the EC, Neelie Kroes.


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