BT And EE Join Forces For 4G Mobile Services

BT And EE Join Forces For 4G Mobile Services

UK telco, BT signed a ”multi-year” deal with mobile network EE that would see the latter provide a mobile virtual network, paving the way for BT to launch a new consumer mobile network.

Right now, BT does mobile services for businesses and the public sector, but hasn’t been a mobile network for ordinary folk since 2001, when offshoot BT Cellnet became O2. BT has now finalised the deal with EE, announced last year after Vodafone bought Cable and Wireless, a rival of BT in the Wi-Fi market.

Mobile service would be another piece of the puzzle for BT as a provider of telecoms and entertainment services, given that as well as landlines it already offers broadband and television packages with free Wi-Fi while you’re out and about. BT says it ‘plans to build on’ that Wi-Fi presence for consumers.



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