Orange Eliminates The ‘Roaming’ On Data in Europe

Orange Eliminates The ‘Roaming’ On Data in Europe

Orange announced on Friday that it has removed the tariff surcharge for using a mobile abroad (roaming) for internet surfing in Europe with the launch of the tariff “Go Europe” which will allow its customers to access the Internet while traveling in Europe at a price of one euro per 100 megs downloaded.

In a press release, the company notes that this cost is “equivalent” to the rates that users have in Spain and is “twenty times less than the new price regulated by eurotariff”.

Activation of this fee is free and does not have any commitment to stay, so that the user only pays on Internet use in Europe.

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In addition, reports that Orange customers can now use the 4G network when traveling through France, United Kingdom and United States. Also notes that plans to extend this service to a total of 20 countries for the summer.

“This offering will allow our customers to browse with their mobile and tablet in Europe with confidence, as in Spain by avoiding bill shock and 4G speed,” said Samuel Munoz, Director General – Consumer Business Unit at Orange Spain.

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