Residents in Snitterfield Can Now Access Superfast Broadband

Residents in Snitterfield Can Now Access Superfast Broadband

Snitterfield has become the first rural community to benefit from a multi-million pound superfast broadband partnership between BT and Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire. Residents in the village yesterday (7 April 2014) celebrated the launch of the service thanks to the CSW Broadband project, which aims to roll out fibre optic connectivity to 93 per cent of the county.

Snitterfield celebrates first rural cabinet in broadband partnership
“The advent of super-fast broadband will make a real difference to the residents and businesses of Snitterfield. From today people can order the new service from their existing Internet Service Provider, or they can choose from a wide range of providers offering a selection of services including bundled telephone calls and even sport or TV on demand. This is just the start of the superfast broadband rollout in Warwickshire. Over the next few months we will be seeing many more areas being connected to the new fibre network and it is good to see the work of the CSW Broadband team coming to fruition.”

Ed Vaizey backs Warwickshire broadband campaign
Ed Vaizey, UK Communications Minister, has backed a campaign to provide faster broadband speeds in Warwickshire. Snitterfield, a small village in the county, is the first to receive fibre optic broadband, which will allow residents to access download speeds of up to 80Mbps, enabling them to take greater advantage of the digital economy.

CSW Broadband at the Intelligent Cities Conference 19th June 2013

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