Broadband Internet Connections in Romania

Broadband Internet Connections in Romania

Romania’s broadband internet connections was up 7 percent in 2013, to some 3.8 million, and around 60 percent of them ensured a data speed of over 30 Mbps, according to the communication regulation agency ANCOM. Most of these connections – 3.5 million – were for individuals, while 0.34 million for corporations and firms.

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Around 1 million connections were installed in rural areas, which continued their catching up and their dynamic increase – 13 percent year-on-year. The number of connections in urban areas – 2.8 million – were only 5 percent up year-on-year.

Regarding types of infrastructure, UTP/FTP cable reached almost 2.1 million (+6%), coaxial cable 540,000 (+18%) and xDSL, on copper support, 1 million (-4%). Significantly, 97% (3.7 million) the total fixed broadband internet access connections were provided by means of technologies involving the use of fibre optic up to a point close to the location of the end-user (94% of the total connections) or up to their home (3%), which allows for offering high data transfer speeds of more than 30 Mbps. Source

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