Superfast Broadband In Virgin Media New Big Bundles!

Superfast Broadband In Virgin Media New Big Bundles!

Virgin Media has revealed a new “quad-play” package for the UK consumers to transform the way in which home communications and entertainment services can be bough. The so-called “Big Bundles” will offer broadband, mobile, TV and phone services for one fixed monthly fee. Each Big Bundle can be tailored to suit a customer’s individual or family needs with great value extras available to add at any time. This includes the flexibility to take more of any particular service, such as adding Sky Sports or Movies channels.

The £50 “Big Kahuna” bundle includes 152Mbps broadband, the TV XL package with a TiVo DVR, and a mobile SIM with 250MB of data, unlimited texts and calls, while the £35 “Big Bang” bundle combines landline, 100Mbps broadband and the same mobile SIM offer. The bundles are available to existing customers immediately and will be offered to new customers at the end of May, but both will require customers to take out an 18 month contract, and pay another £15.99 a month in line rental. Source

Every Big Bundle offers Virgin Media’s multi-award-winning superfast broadband as standard of at least 50Mb. The first bundles are initially available exclusively for existing Virgin Media customers, however, new customers still can sign up for a bundle when it become available from the end of May.

Virgin Media claims it is the first provider to truly offer four products in one bundle – TalkTalk has a mobile offering but sells it separately to its other services, which is what Virgin has done until now. In October, BT signalled its intention to move into the quad-play market by striking a deal with EE – which operates the Orange and T-Mobile brands – paving the way for a first return to mobile since selling off BT Cellnet in 2001. Source

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“Our fantastic new bundles deliver unprecedented value as standard. For the first time, households will be able to get the best broadband together with the UK’s best value mobile SIM, as part of a bundle perfectly tailored to the customer’s needs. And I’m delighted our current customers have the chance to enjoy this fantastic new flexibility and unparalleled value first,” said Dana Strong, CEO at Virgin Media.



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