MTS Russia Completes VoLTE Call On Telco Cloud Infrastructure

MTS Russia Completes VoLTE Call On Telco Cloud Infrastructure

Russian mobile operator MTS, has utilizing Nokia’s technology to complete the first Voice over LTE(VoLTE) on a telco cloud infrastructure which gives a real-life preview of how operators can combine their offers of best voice quality and richer communication services with the most competitive and cost-effective infrastructure platforms.

The company’s Cloud Application Manager provided automated deployment and management of all cloud applications, while its Professional Services for VoLTE assisted MTS to ready the architecture and design of its network. Source


“VoLTE and telco cloud are principal technologies that will help us address new business opportunities and deliver a superior voice experience to our customers. This live implementation of virtualized VoLTE with our long-standing partner, Nokia, is an important proof-of-concept and shows our commitment to offering our customers the most advanced voice services possible. We expect that the compound annual growth of mobile data traffic will reach 79% by 2020 and have to prepare our networks to deliver a quality mobile broadband experience to our customers,”
said Andrey Ushatskiy, chief technical and IT officer at MTS Group.




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