4G Makes You Work More, Says EE

4G Makes You Work More, Says EE

EE has published the latest edition of its “Mobile Living Index”; a survey of 1,000 EE 4G users conducted by consumer research group TNS, covering both network performance and user behaviour. The main trends, says EE, are the rise in social media usage driven by embedded video, and the increase in work productivity.

According to the research, more than one in ten 4G customers (13 per cent) claim the technology frees up an extra hour of leisure time for them per day.

The operator found 60 per cent of respondents had saved time through the use of 4G rather than 3G, while 77 per cent claimed to work more efficiently on 4G devices.

“Some employers might consider this constant connectivity a potentially bad thing but, far from increasing time-wasting, 4G is actually enabling business. 77 per cent of people claim their work productivity has grown because of 4G and, incredibly, 16 per cent say their productivity at work has doubled. These are customers generally using their personal devices at work to make them more efficient at their job,” said EE CEO Olaf Swantee.


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