New Advanced Internet Connection EFM Going To Launch shortly

New Advanced Internet Connection EFM Going To Launch shortly

Walter Lindsay is the managing director of UK internet has announced the new launching of Ethernet in the first mile which will act as a best solution for all the internet problems. This advanced technology will be more useful for smaller businesses and it opens up with the new branded avenues which increase the opportunity for supplying an expert internet services.


Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is a cost-effective way to advance to a high-capacity connection without committing to full fibre Ethernet, delivering the identical upload and download speeds to support VoIP and Hosted solutions.

EFM offers high speed services with low cost when compared to the fiber based rent services. This cost reduction is attained by using the services across normal copper cables. The EFM is also known as the communication network which can run through the copper cabling. This new technology adds with advanced specifications which permit the industry Ethernet protocol which are used in many companies.

The services offered by this network connection will permit the symmetrical bandwidth even up to 35mbs for achieving the bonding Paris of cables. This copper pair bonding will offer many benefits which aid the people enjoy highly flexible service. This even allows the data throughput to be completed. This provides reliable and dedicated bandwidth for the customers. This also offers high quality and best services which acts as a good alternate for the fiber based connection.

EFM provides faster connectivity up to 35Mbs and this expected to improve the speed up to 50Mbs so users can enjoy rapid speed internet very soon. Even during the peak time downloading are also possible and downloading process completed within a second. Regular transfer of big storage files is also possible with the help of these internet connections. This is the most advanced technologies.



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