Rome Trams Now Have a Free Wifi

Rome Trams Now Have a Free Wifi

The WiFi on board tram is one of the projects implemented by Atac, with input from the City of Rome, made with the aims of improving the existing traffic service, expanding free WiFi in the city, integrating information and tourist attractions in a public transportation.

The free WiFi comes on the transport network in Rome. In addition to the tram, in fact, the network is active as well in close proximity the following facilities, which are identified by a symbol “Atac WiFi”: 11 terminus Atac (Casaletto, Clodius, Colli Albani, Flavio Biondo, Gerani, Labia, wide Preneste Piazza Mancini, Partisans Pincherle and Verano), 31 poles electronic equipment (equipment 70031, 70032, 70035, 70042, 70054, 70079, 70082, 70084, 70105, 70108, 70149, 70187, 70243, 70261, 70263, 70278, 70318, 70340, 70357, 70387 , 70392, 70433, 70449, 70479, 70742, 70815, 70818, 70858, 71406, 72867, 73889).

Now the service is at an experimental stage, but in the coming weeks on some tram terminus and poles identified by a pictogram sticker “Atac WiFi” people can browse Internet for free. This morning, the service has been tested personally by the CEO, Roberto Diacetti. Soon the service will be further extended to other sites and public transport that will always marked with the sticker “Atac WiFi.”

The tram on which passengers can surf the web, are among those in service on lines 2, 3 and 8 marked the adhesive with the logo “Atac WiFi” placed on access doors.

The service has been tested personally by the CEO, Roberto Diacetti.

“This new technology will allow passengers to travel with free Internet and have real-time information on the city’s public transport. We understand that our customers have a priority of efficient public services and decent, however such services make an important contribution. The WiFi coverage is still limited, but we will extend more and more in the coming months,” says the CEO of Atac Roberto Diacetti.

Gradually, the system will be implemented on all trams in service on the same lines. To access the service, simply connect to the network named “Atac WiFi”, and will automatically directed to the page. Otherwise, passenger can access directly from their web browser by typing the address

To take advantage of this free internet access, one-hour per day, passenger have to select the start page service “sailing free,” then they need to register for free on the website of the consortium RomaWireless by following the instructions given. The multi-channel platform Atac WiFi is accessible from any device, fixed or mobile, that have access to the Internet.



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