Liberty Global Receives EU Approval to buy Virgin Media

Liberty Global Receives EU Approval to buy Virgin Media

Liberty Global, the United States of America cable firm won unconditional EU regulatory approval on Monday and ready for its $15.8bn takeover of Virgin Media. The $15.8 billion (£10.3 billion) deal was previously announced in February.

The European Commission claimed in a statement that this deal wouldn’t bring up competition concerns “in specific due to the reason that the parties operate cable networks in different member states and because of the merged entity’s limited market position in the wholesale of TV channels in the U.K. and Ireland.”

Below are some of a good recent info about the Virgin Media.

Brussels clears Liberty Global’s £15bn Virgin Media takeover

US billionaire John Malone’s company Liberty Global saw its £15bn bid to buy UK telco Virgin Media cleared by competition officials in Europe today. The takeover was w …


Virgin Media launches new traffic management policy

Virgin Media has announced a fairly significant change to its traffic management policy, that will apply to customers who are on a broadband tier of 30 Mbps or faster. The simplest part of the new policy is that the old daytime period of 10am to 3pm has been abolished, additionally rather than being managed for a five hour period if you trigger the traffic management you might be managed for just hour.

O2 and Virgin Media to bring free Wi-Fi to London Underground

O2 customers can now benefit from free Wi-Fi on the London Underground.

O2 customers get free pass on Virgin Media’s tube WiFi, last 12

Unless you’re a Virgin Media, EE or Vodafone customer, you’ve either been shelling out for subterranean internet, or bid the London Underground’s WiFi.

Who is cheaper Virgin Media or Sky

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media Inc. is a company which provides fixed and mobile telephone , television and broadband internet services to businesses …

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