Argentina Moves Towards a 4G Phones

Argentina Moves Towards a 4G Phones

Argentina’s Federal Planning minister Julio de Vido, said yesterday that the national government will develop 4G phones with a strategic sense to increase competition and to consolidate the current scheme of concentration.

In a statement, the minister noted that the Government does not work “to consolidate the current scheme of concentration as clearly demands that environment spokesman officiating lobby of the phone”.

In this sense, De Vido said “No way it’s true that there are uncertainties, since the decree 2426/2012 by which Ar-Sat awarded 25% of the spectrum, was clearly established that the frequencies between 1710 and 2155 megahertz (MHz), as well as those between 689-806 MHz, which correspond to those used in the 4G phone will be allocated exclusively to telecommunications services and are working on the scheme of operation, probably with a strong presence of Ar -Sat “.

The minister stressed that “As in other parts of the world that excite both daily, is not going to award the 4G to one company, but it will make a strategic management to ensure access for all providers stakeholders on equal terms with the investments needed to provide a quality service. ”

Finally, the official recalled that the migration to 4G will not be a mere technological change, but a true state policy as demonstrated by the deployment of Digital TV Broadcasting and the Argentina Connected Plan.



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