Anatel approves Regulation Service Private and Reduces License Price for City Providing Internet Access

Anatel approves Regulation Service Private and Reduces License Price for City Providing Internet Access

Anatel, The Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications, approved on Thursday, 6, the new Regulation Services Private Limited (SLP). The main change in the rules of the service is now public administration bodies directly or indirectly in any sphere of government, as well as nonprofit organizations, can provide Internet access service with license.

According to Rodrigo Zerbone, an Anatel board member, the measure contributes to accelerate digital inclusion and also for Digital Cities program of the Ministry of Communications, which was recently included in the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC). As the newly approved regulation Multimedia Communication Service (SCM), the providers who offer Internet connectivity should keep their records of users and connection logs for a period of one year. This explains Zerbone, so that there is an “escape regulatory”. The custody of connection records is critical in the investigation of so-called cyber crimes. To maintain consistency with the regulation of SCM, the SLP providers who offer internet access are also not required to use an ISP for authentication to the network world.

Jarbas Valente, Superintendent for Private Services at Anatel Corporation said that the frequencies of 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz bands are designed to SLP: 15 MHz and 20 MHz in the first 20 + MHz on Monday. No wonder that these tracks are coveted by the market, as they cater to technologies that achieve high transmission rates, such as LTE and WiMAX.

The service is characterized as restricted interest and not collective, and it is forbidden there is interconnection between networks. For example, a user of the SLP cannot communicate with a user of the SMP. This rule, however, does not apply to networks for public safety and civil defense.

The new regulations unifies under one regime 15 services and simplifies the procedures for obtaining the authorization. From now on the price of the grant is $ 400, but will not be charged anything, nor will any additional document required from the current 19,000 providers SLP. In case of a merger, acquisition or modification of the capital provider must only communicate with Anatel.

The SLP license allows the provision of applications related to data communications, audio and video signals, voice and text to use itself or authorized to care for certain groups of users selected by him. “The regulation brings additional benefits and not burden adicionas to these providers,” says Zerbone.



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