Costa Rica Boosts Broadband Development in Schools

Costa Rica Boosts Broadband Development in Schools

The President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla said that the government will push a series of measures in order to promote access to broadband in schools across the country, in order to work towards better scenario for the development of digital technologies in education.

In this sense, the president stressed that connectivity has gone from 26 to 95 percent, and a strong increase in financial resources in this sector, however acknowledged that the efforts are not sufficient to the severely handicapped by the limited capacity broadband.

“We have achieved through these investments to improve computer labs mobile laboratories. The 95 percent coverage is not sufficient for broadband and we frequently reported complaint of students for the slow Internet, “said President Laura Chinchilla.

In this sense the head of state stated that the construction of broadband educational network, in its first phase will cover about two thousand schools and is a joint project between the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) and the Omar Dengo Foundation (FOD).

“The proposal is to use fiber optic networks that already exist in the country and start the wireless interconnection of these schools (about two thousand, that are closest to these), with a bandwidth of ten megabytes for each of them,” explained the Minister of Education, Leonardo Chacon.

Given this is said to run the network design, the first phase of implementation, the equipment and the training of teachers, among others.

Chinchilla on the other hand stressed that the country can not be left behind as it is the fifth largest exporter of technology worldwide and this year the World Intellectual Property Organization recognized the country as the number 1 is innovation throughout Latin America, Chile and beyond.

“We have guys designing creative figures and scenarios to generate web applications in order to generate illustrations international pharmaceutical films. The digital revolution we are experiencing is not expected to hinder the bureaucracy that want things in our country,” said the head of state.

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