Panama Presented Plan To Raise Up To 47.5% Broadband Penetration

Panama Presented Plan To Raise Up To 47.5% Broadband Penetration

The Authority for Government Innovation (AIG) of Panama is promoting a “strategic broadband plan” that aims to boost the service penetration of the current 8.1% to 47.5% within 10 years, said the head of the agency, Eduardo Jaen. The plan was presented yesterday to the cabinet of the government of President Ricardo Martinelli.

“We hope to incorporate it into the country’s digital agenda soon. Panama now offers multi-speed broadband connection, the most commonly used is from 100 mega bits per second, but at relatively high cost, so we are trying to get those costs down to drive demand growth,” said Jaen to journalists under the First Iberoamerican Congress of Telecommunications.

Jean stated that the goal is to have a broadband at affordable prices, expanded all across the country, over a period of 10 years. The implementation of the strategy will not involve any change in the laws local telecommunications.

AIG Chief did not specify the expected investment amounts, since the same corresponds to telecommunications companies will contributed to the development of multilateral and plan together with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

“We think the plan is the right approach to boost these paths which Panama will allow us to provide the infrastructure that will ensure the country’s economic development in the coming years,” Jaen said without specifying details.

The first Latin American Congress of Telecommunications tomorrow will gathers government representatives from 21 countries, executives, academics and regional organizations in order to discuss ways to full integration in Latin America called “knowledge revolution”.

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