Furukawa to Construct Fiber Optic Cable Production Plant in Palmira

Furukawa to Construct Fiber Optic Cable Production Plant in Palmira

Furukawa, the Japanese firm with 125 years in the market history will build a new generation of fiber optic cable in the municipality of Palmira, Valle del Cauca. The cables that were previously imported from the United States, Brazil and Japan to customers as ETB, UNE, now will produced in Colombia. In September will begin assembly of the plant which will be automated in the first quarter of 2014 to open its doors.

It will occupy 3,600 square meters of the Pacific zone and have capacity to produce 10,500 dry miles of cable per year.

According to company directors, the estimated investment will be five million dollars within the period from 2013 to 2016. 25 high quality direct jobs will be initially created per production shift and another 200 indirect jobs resulting from the entire supply chain (civil works construction, logistics, transport, meals, supplies, etc.) Nonetheless there will be top-level technical empowerment processes.

The Furukawa Group does not only have telecommunications business, it also operates in the areas of electronics, automotive systems, energy, metals and services. The Group’s annual sales totaling $ 11 billion.

“Valle del Cauca will benefit from the technology transfer processes to be developed by Furukawa Electric, which is the third largest producer in the world in this field. Some of the employees contracted for the plant in Colombia will be trained in Brazil for a period of six months to later also train local personnel”, commented the President of Proexport, Maria Claudia Lacouture.

“We are very proud to announce Furukawa’s arrival at Valle del Cauca, in special to Palmira; the location of this important multinational is a bonus for the municipality. We can continue saying that our Department is experiencing great events and proof of that is being the pioneers of the Andean region in the construction of an optic fiber cables plant. Our corporate fiber becomes even stronger” said Maria Eugenia Lloreda, Executive Director at Invest Pacific.



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