Brazil Surpasses 110 Million Broadband Accesses in July

Brazil Surpasses 110 Million Broadband Accesses in July

Brazil exceeded 110 million broadband accesses last July, which represents a growth of 39 percent on 2012, reported the Brazilian Telecommunications Association (Telebrasil).

Out of the 31 million new disclosures made in the last 12 months, 24 million connections were recorded in the first seven months of 2013.

MercadoLibre Benefits From Brazil’s Wider Broadband
Rarely will a former leader make a comeback, so if you think a one-time star will shine again, make sure it has a shining story to propel those gains. MercadoLibre (MELI) might be a comeback candidate. MercadoLibre’s online auction sites and virtual shopping malls in Latin America and the Caribbean make it that region’s biggest e-commerce company. The company is based in Argentina but does more than half its business in Brazil. And that’s where things get interesting.

According to Telebrasil, 39 percent of Brazilian urban households have access to high speed internet.

The agency reported that Brazil is the country with the highest growth in fixed broadband access in Latin America in 2012 and is among the ten countries with the largest base of access to high-speed internet in the world.

In July, the registered mobile broadband reach 88.7 million accesses, which 73.8 million are connections via smartphones, which represents an increase of 47.8 percent compared with July last year.

Currently, 3,414 Brazilian municipalities have 3G networks, while the 4G network, launched in April, is now accessible in just 32 cities.

According to a study by the International Association of Telecommunications Companies (GSMA), the mobile broadband in Brazil is the most expensive in Latin America, due to a move against the trend of falling prices in the region.


Arab businessmen launch broadband company in Brazil

Egyptian businessman Zaki Rakib and the Lebanese Fares Nassar presented on Tuesday (06) the services of On Telecom, a company to offer fixed broadband internet, the so-called 4G, in 133 cities in the interior of São Paulo. The company, whose corporate name is Quattro Holding, will make an initial investment of R$ 500 million over the next three years to meet about 10 million users in the cities covered. Of this amount, US$ 150 million will come from Soros Fund Management, owned by Hungarian-American mega investor George Soros.

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