Cisco Aims For 700 MHz Band

Cisco Aims For 700 MHz Band

Cisco System is interested in obtaining a wholesale network space to be constructed on the 700 MHz band, said the director of the company in Mexico, Rogelio Velasco.

Cisco said to be ready to participate in future projects of telecommunication network deployment in Mexico, once they are issued secondary legislation to implement the recent constitutional reforms to the sector.

Rogelio Velasco, requested that the adequacy of 14 laws regulating broadcasting industries telecommunications and keep the “spirit” that was devised reform, ie generate competition, inclusion and affordability.

Prior to the opening of Cisco Live 2013, which presents new networking technologies, Velasco said that every company in the technology sector expected to secondary laws provide investment certainty. Considered that there are too many projects and formats in which providers like Cisco networks or servers can participate.

“The reforms are going in the direction of creating more coverage. We see that companies and the authorities are going in that direction and we go over there,” he said.

“We believe that the reform goes in pursuit of the goal of increasing broadband penetration in the country. The goal is to advance, but each country does in its own priority, we believe that this will grow attained reforms forward,” said Velasco , in press conference during startup Cisco Live event in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

Rogelio Velasco revealed that Cisco is in talks to make new contracts for network deployment in both the business sector and in the government.

Velasco sees progress in telecommunications framed in the recent reform of the sector but noted that goes to a lower speed when compared with countries like Chile or Argentina.

“Everyone is looking forward to this aspect of connectivity, but depends on the priority of the countries as they do. There are those who are in a position to put technology and education at par but for other governments do not. At Cisco we are excited about what has been achieved in reforms,” he said.

Mexico currently has a fixed broadband penetration of 11.2 connections per 100 inhabitants, according to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), leaving the country in the last place of the 34 countries of the Organisation. The OECD country with the greatest advancement in broadband connections is Switzerland with 136.2 per 100 inhabitants, which is more than 100% coverage.


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