2013 is The Best Year for ICT in Colombia

2013 is The Best Year for ICT in Colombia

Colombian ICT Minister, Diego Molano Vega said that the award of two tenders for 1 billion pesos that will allow full coverage of Internet in Colombia and by the significant progress of the components and programs Vive Digital Plan 2013 was a landmark year for consolidation of ICT in the country.

Among the most significant advances noted that 777 municipalities already have access to fiber optic Internet, surpassing the target set which is 700. With the award of the project to connect to other municipalities with terrestrial microwave and satellite technology, all the municipalities of Colombia have access to Internet and mobile telephony.

During 2013 there was a rapid growth in connections for broadband Internet. A court of September this year, there were 7,639,061 subscriptions, which it places the country to meet the 13% target set, 8.8 million connections. The most important is that the increase in Internet connections is mainly driven by the lower strata with a growth of 210% in one layer and two layer 138%.

Internet penetration in Colombian households is also increasing, rising from 17% to 33% from 2010 to today. In the case of MSMEs, and the keeper of Vive Digital Plan (50% online) was fulfilled; according to the latest survey Datexco to October this year 60.6% of MSMEs in the country had connection Internet.

The most important infrastructure achievement is that the country went from having 3 telecom operators on 3G to 6 operators on 4G, and is currently offering high-speed Internet which will soon be rolled out in the lower strata.

The expansion and popularization of international connectivity was given, now the country has 5 submarine cables and four more wires under construction, with that Colombia ranks as the best connected in the region internationally.

Colombia in 2013 was ranked as the second country in Latin America in Electronic Government. There was also significant progress in strengthening the IT industry through training programs and funding innovative ideas.

During 2013, 10 ViveLab(the project aims to promote the development of regional digital ecosystem) were installed in the cities of Armenia, Popayan, Cali, Manizales, Cauca, Cartagena, Medellin, Pereira, Bogota and Monteria. These are centers of training, entrepreneurship and knowledge, access to which people with skills in software development, applications, and digital content. These laboratories have specialized tools for creating 3D animation, 2D, video, mobile applications and applications for Colombian SMEs. In total there will be 17 laboratories, which is expected to train 15,000 skilled manner.

For the last component of the digital ecosystem, users, has achieved certification to ‘digital citizenship’ of 378 000 civil servants and teachers, and 147,000 vulnerable groups have been digitally literate.
Photo courtesy of Colombian Ministry of Information Technology and Communications



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