Brazil Hits Over 100 Million Mobile Broadband Access in 2013

Brazil Hits Over 100 Million Mobile Broadband Access in 2013

According to Anatel, Brazil has reached 103.1 million accesses to mobile broadband, in December 2013. The mark was achieved after an increase of 6.5% over the month of November, meaning that during the period 6.70 million lines have been added in the country. For comparison purposes, between the months of October and November, the growth was 3.91% (3.76 million).

The competition in the mobile broadband market in Brazil has been stable compared to previous months. A lead is maintained by Claro with 37.6% (38.75 million), followed by Vivo with 25.6% (26.37 million), TIM with 23.9% (24.65 million) and Oi with 11.9% (12.31 million).

Out of this total, which adds up WCDMA connections, data and asset LTE terminal devices, the majority (93.18%, or 96.07 million) is for 3G and 4G handsets. Moreover, the market for third generation has been gaining more and more share of total base (34.96% against 58.91% of GSM).

The month of December for last year was particularly positive for the 3G which set 6.66% and now stands at 94.76 million accesses in total. The three other major telcos were also increased at around 6%: Hi grew 6.84%, TIM at 6.51% and Vivo at 6.08%.

For LTE, December was the strongest month in absolute numbers. Overall, as expected, Brazil has one million mark handily, and now registers 1.31 million of assets 4G devices – however, operators do not inform enabled connections with data plans with technology, but only with compatible LTE enabled handsets and the carrier network, even in the WCDMA technology, for example.

In data terminals, including modems and 3G and 4G tablets, growth was 8.8 thousand new accesses, totaling 7.03 million connections.

December 2013 was also the month that saw more disconnections in 2G market: 6.25 million accesses which is less than in November. Claro decreased 2.18 million connections, and 2.06 million people live with less access. Hi and TIM also had disconnections: 1.23 million and 773 thousand, respectively. In total, Brazil has only 159.7 million accesses for the second generation.

In total, Brazil recorded 271.1 million accesses in the last month of 2013, an increase of 0.21% (580,900 lines).


Written by Livia Melo Alves.



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