Telefonica Will Launch 4G LTE In The Isthmus

Telefonica Will Launch 4G LTE In The Isthmus

According to Telefonica, the implementation in the region will be in May or June this year. The new fiber optic network that will be installed to enable the Telefonica 4G LTE technology in Guatemala.

Alejandro Rodriguez, Telefnoica Engineering Manager Presales and Aftersales for Central said the expansion of services to be had with the new technology.

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“Mobile networks that we currently have for all operators in the region is a 3G technology. This year, about three to four months we will do a launch of a next generation network in the region, which is the 4G LTE network. This allows each device likely to have average speeds between 25 and 50 megs of speed, which is 20 times more than what you have now.”

Rodriguez pointed out that this is a terrestrial network which will connecting the capitals of the region. It is attached to the submarine network connecting with Guatemala and Panama. Currently, the network can support ten gigas, but it is prepared to support up to 80.

“Central America, bringing together all the countries, we think it does not reach more than 40 gigs of Internet capacity among all users. Therefore, we have a network that supports double the capacity that all users could use. Our ability assures us that at least we will be prepared, at least in the next five years in order to support the full capacity of the region,” said Rodriguez.

Currently this technology is present in Latin American countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.


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