Samsung Dominates Mexico’s Mobile Phone Market

Samsung Dominates Mexico’s Mobile Phone Market

In Mexico, there are 36.4 million smartphones lines were recorded in the end of last year, with the South Korean Samsung lasting favorite among the population which have a market share of 25 percent.

The Competitive Intelligence Unit revealed that last year the adoption of these devices grew 49.1 percent from 2012 when there were only about 24.4 million smartphones.

According to Rolando Alamilla, the Mexicans has changing their old cell phones because of they lack the ability for the internet connection, which prevents them to download applications, edit documents and now seek touch technology, which is more modern.

In second place were placed Canada’s BlackBerry, which once dominated the industry, and Finland’s Nokia, which has also going down and was recently purchased by Microsoft. Have 16 percent market share each, followed by Apple, which ranks third with 13 percent.

The Mexicans prefer smart devices from the Asian firm which has also stressed that Android, Google’s operating system, is the most used in the country. In late 2011 it had 16.4 percent of the national market and the end of 2013 increased to 52.3 percent, which means that one in every two smartphones in Mexico has Android. According to the specialist, the use of these devices has led to a change not only in the market but also in the habits of people.

Therefore, considered that one of the elements that people in the country take into consideration when purchasing a smartphone is connectivity, the main tool that can connect to a Wi-Fi network, because only half of these devices are attached to mobile broadband services.

Written by Delfina Fanucci
Photo Credit: Flickr/Cherry Desuasido



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