Bahrain’s Batelco Launches First 4G Video Surveillance, The First in The Kingdom

Bahrain’s Batelco Launches First 4G Video Surveillance, The First in The Kingdom

Batelco, the leading telecommunications company in Bahrain, announced the availability of its service for video surveillance on its advanced 4G LTE network. As the first service of its kind in the Kingdom, Batelco creative teams to develop a first-class service that can provide a new and effective way to take advantage of the CCTV system.

It is worth mentioning that Batelco for video surveillance, which has been developed by engineers, communications officers of the company, will enable companies to monitor their buildings snugly via instant access to the Internet, which will enhance safety and security for companies and individuals.

Batelco aware of the need for the security institutions supported and effectively to protect their property. Taking this into account, Batelco networks engineers developing the ability to serve access controlled via video using 4G LTE network. This service can provide high-resolution video images (HD) and in instant for the purposes of central control.

With the launch of this sophisticated service, Batelco shows that the company not only act as a telecommunications services provider, but as a leading provider of information communication technology solutions (ICT). This step comes in line with the company’s ongoing efforts to expand its security services to meet the growing demand for such services, which has now become essential for any company.

“Businesses today need a basic services which require fast data. As one of the pioneers of creativity in the market, seeking Batelco to provide its customers with the latest technology that meets the requirements of their organizations. To achieve this goal, the Batelco will take advantage of new generation network technologies; such as 4G LTE, to provide high-speed data services capable of providing instant video surveillance,” said Batelco GM (Enterprise Division), Adel Daylami.

This new service eliminates the need for a fixed connectivity infrastructure. Thus, the service can be provided easily and in a short time. Moreover, enjoying 4G LTE technology from Batelco have a security benefits which to prevent any unauthorized access to the video data.


Batelco and Tata Communications Sign Agreement to Deploy MPLS PoP in Bahrain

Batelco, Bahrain’s leading integrated communications company and Tata Communications, a leading provider of A New World of Communications have signed a collaboration agreement enabling Tata Communications to extend its connectivity footprint in the Middle East via Batelco‘s well established and resilient global MPLS network. Batelco customers will also benefit from the agreement via extended international network reach through Tata Communications global network.


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