Huawei Will Jointly Develops 5G Mobile Broadband Services With Etisalat

Huawei Will Jointly Develops 5G Mobile Broadband Services With Etisalat

Etisalat Group has signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei Technologies, to jointly develop a fifth-generation mobile broadband services for the middle east in the next five years. It is reported that the Middle East 4G service is not yet universal, their joint research and development team working on 5G service data rate is far more than 4G technology. Etisalat Group CTO Hati Mu said, 5G services will enable the company to maintain its leading position in the region, while allowing mobile users to experience the seamless transfer of data.

“Etisalat has been committing to enhance the customer experience through nurturing advanced technologies. The 5G mobile network aims to tremendously improve user’s experience with never seen before speed and capacity. The super-fast 5G mobile network will enable new possibilities and offers seamless communication experience. We always fulfill our promise to the communities we serve while maintaining the leading position in the region,” said Hatem Bamatraf, chief technology officer at the Etisalat Group.

By 2020, it is estimated that 6.5 billion people worldwide will use mobile networks for data communications and that 100 billion additional “things” — such as vehicles, metres, medical devices, and home appliances — will also be connected via mobile networks.

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While 4G telecom services are still relatively new in the Middle East, the research and development teams have already been working on developing fifth-generation networks that can deliver tremendous data rates over the current 4G telecom networks.



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