Batelco Upgrades its Broadband Packages This Year

Batelco Upgrades its Broadband Packages This Year

As part of a festival to celebrate the market liberalisation and the freedom given to Batelco’s Broadband services by the Bahrain TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority), the operator has announced the largest upgrades of its home broadband customers to the highest speed and highest usage offered in Bahrain. The fantastic new Broadband packages are available for existing and new customers.


Batelco appoints Group CEO
Batelco has appointed Alan Whelan as group CEO. Whelan’s appointment comes almost a year after the firm announced former CEO Shaikh Mohamed bin Isa Al Khalifa left the group. At the time it installed a supervisory committee alongside COO Peter Kaliaropoulos to lead the business until a successor was appointed.

Bahrain Batelco’s Bond Buy-Back Ends, $131m Purchased
Batelco had previously been largely debt-free, but last April sold a $650 million seven-year bond with an annual coupon on 4.25 per cent to help fund its $570 million acquisition of Cable & Wireless Communications’ Monaco and Islands Division.

However, in a limited time offer, Batelco is especially pleased to offer the lowest fixed Broadband rate in the Kingdom of Bahrain, at only BD4.5 per month. Anyone who signs up for the deal can benefit from the low rate of BD4.5 forever. The package offered features download speed of 1MB and threshold limit of 5GB.


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