Zain Jordan Will Launch 150Mbps 4G Services By Year End

Zain Jordan Will Launch 150Mbps 4G Services By Year End

The Jordan Times reported that Jordan’s largest mobile operator Zain Jordan plans to launch 4G services with data transfer rates of up to 150Mbps by the end of the year, since the operator has successfully acquired Jordan’s first 4G licence. Ahmad Hanandeh, CEO of Zain Jordan has said that the company will invest around JD315m this year to enhance its third generation (3G) services and introduce fourth generation (4G) services in the kingdom.

“Zain Jordan has about eight to nine months to launch the service commercially in the Kingdom. The price we got from Zain for the 4G licence is higher than the prices we got through the two bids we received earlier this year,” ICT Minister Azzam Sleit said.

In the first phase, Zain intends to cover all the governorates with LTE according to population density and demand.

Earlier this year Jordan turned down requests for 4G licences from local player Kulacom and U.S. based company Ameriphone; the former was unable to provide a financial guarantee while the latter provided a guarantee from a foreign bank rather than a bank in Jordan.

Mohammad Taani, chief commissioner of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), said the door is open for the other two operators to apply for 4G frequencies. He noted that the remaining operators have shown interest in acquiring 4G frequencies.



Written by Asif Labib



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