70% Americans Have Broadband at Home

70%  Americans Have Broadband at Home

The percentage of Americans with connections to high-speed Internet at home has reached 70%, while only 3% have telephone access to the Web, according to a study released Monday. The draft Internet and American Life Pew Research Center noted that the percentage of users of high speed broadband represents a small but significant increase over the 66% of adults who reported that service in April 2012. In May 2013, the percentage of use of the dial to access the Web has remained at 3% for the past two years, according to Pew.

The survey, which also measured the number of people using dial-up at home, unsurprisingly found that younger adults with higher education attainment and household income are the most likely to have broadband connections at home.

Nearly 90 percent of college graduates had broadband internet connections, with those at a household income level of $75,000 or more a year tracking almost as high. The older respondents were, the less likely they were to have broadband, with those aged 65 and up actually the only age demographic to have less than half of their numbers online. Educational attainment also correlated highly with broadband use, as respondents without a highs school diploma were the most likely not to have broadband of every metric measured, at a 37 percent high-speed internet adoption rate. Three percent of all U.S. adults still have dial-up.

“Overall, 85% of Americans use the Internet, according to the report. Of those who lack a high-speed connection at home, 10% have smartphones that can access the Web. Whites and residents of urban or suburban areas also recorded above-average rates. We have found that age, education and income are some of the factors associated with the adoption of broadband in the home,” said Kathryn Zickuhr, Pew research associate and lead author of the report.

The survey also noted that today more than 50% of American adults own a smartphone.

Adding smartphone ownership to the mix, the percentage of young adults with broadband increases to 95 percent, while the access rate for seniors rises only moderately to 46 percent.

Smartphones are narrowing the gap, however, between some racial and ethnic groups. While black people and Latinos are less likely to have home broadband than white people, their use of smartphones nearly eliminates that difference

Source: Pew internet



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