Amazon Currently Testing Wireless Network in California

Amazon Currently Testing Wireless Network in California

When it comes to wireless networks there are really only a few names that ring any bells and those are Sprint, Verizon Wireless, US Cellular, T-Mobile and AT&T. There are a couple of smaller ones that have made it to the market and some of them operate 4G LTE networks as well. According to reports from this week, there is another company working on a wireless network and it might come as a surprise to some. That company is Amazon and it is reportedly working on a wireless network being tested in California right now.

Just the fact that Amazon might be testing its own wireless network is going to shake things up a lot in the mobile world. Not only will it be competing in a very tight niche, the company makes its own tablets and smartphones, so it looks like the network would really only benefit Amazon customers. With all of the digital content that Amazon sells to subscribers, having a dedicated 4G LTE network just might be the perfect thing to have. Amazon would have full control over the wireless network, content on the devices and the devices they develop.



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