Why Is Broadband More Expensive In The US?

Why Is Broadband More Expensive In The US?

Why home broadband in the US costs far more than elsewhere. At high speeds, it costs nearly three times as much as in the UK and France, and more than five times as much as in South Korea.

The price of basic broadband, TV and phone packages – or bundles as they are known – is much higher in American cities than elsewhere, suggests the New America Foundation think tank, which compared hundreds of available packages worldwide.

Looking at some of the cheaper ones available in certain cities, at lower to mid download speeds, San Francisco ($99/£61), New York ($70) and Washington DC ($68) dwarf London ($38), Paris ($35) and Seoul ($15).

A comparison of high-speed Internet prices in 24 cities around the world
In this release, the Open Technology Institute examines how residential high-speed Internet services in U.S. cities compare to offerings in other cities around the world.

In the triple-play rankings by price, in which cities are ranked according to the cheapest bundle of Internet broadband, TV and phone, the first U.S. city comes in 32nd. In the “best bang for your buck” chart, which ranks cities based on the best speed available for $35, the first U.S. city, New York, barely makes the Top 10.



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