Steve Perlman’s Introduces Full-Speed Wireless Broadband Technology for Every Mobile Device- pCell

Steve Perlman’s Introduces Full-Speed Wireless Broadband Technology for Every Mobile Device- pCell

The United States serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Steve Perlman has developed a revolutionary new approach that could solve the annoying problem of stagnant HD videos and limited transmission speeds on mobile devices permanently.

“pCell”, the name of this innovative system, promises its users at all times, the maximum data rates for all types of mobile applications on smartphones and tablet PCs, regardless of how many users are watching in the same network. This is valid at least for LTE-enabled Apple and Android devices.

If that sounds impossible, it is. But Perlman’s new startup, Artemis Networks, has been working on the technology for a long time. Perlman first disclosed it a few years ago and is now launching it.

“With the pCell technology, we initiate a new era in the mobile area within the standard LTE devices to be constantly supplied with the full spectrum of broadband fiber glass performance. This tedious congestion, waiting times, areas with poor reception and unreliable network speeds would belong to the past,” said Perlman in a press release.

With existing cell networks, a tower transmits a radio signal, forming a large cell that avoids interfering with other cells. Mobile devices inside that cell have to share the fixed capacity of that cell for handling calls or data transfers. They have to take turns so they don’t interfere with each other.

The background for the development of such approaches is clear: “In our increasingly mobile world, the demand for mobile data has grown at a rapid pace last year alone, she has almost doubled, and by 2020 it is expected to grow by as much as 25-fold, goes beyond the normal physical limits of conventional wireless networks,” Perlman explains the problem.

Artemis is putting pCell transmitters on 350 rooftops in San Francisco and it plans to work with a telecommunications company or tech giant to get commercial service running in the fourth quarter.

Below is a video of Perlman demonstrating the technology.



Photo courtesy of Artemis Networks.



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