Air Canada Travelers to North America Can Now Enjoy In-Flight Wi-Fi Access

Air Canada Travelers to North America Can Now Enjoy In-Flight Wi-Fi Access

Starting from May, Air Canada travelers to North America can now enjoy air-to-ground Wi-Fi connectivity at “compettive” prices. The Canadian carrier announced on Wednesday reaching an agreement with aircraft communications service provider Gogo to equip all of its North American fleet with inflight Wi-Fi connectivity. The move makes Air Canada the first Canadian carrier to launch in-flight wireless connectivity, trumping its competitor WestJet in the wireless race.

Travellers looking to stay connected to the cloud while flying among the clouds now have one more option: Air Canada.
Gogo currently offers time-based passes ranging from $5.00 to $49.95 and are compatible for tablets, laptops and smartphones. Air Canada says it’ll “offer variations on pricing, such as single use for one flight or a package for a number of flights,” according to an email from Air Canada spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick.

Air Canada is currently testing the wireless Internet service on two Airbus A319 planes. Apart from the 29 aircraft planned to be fitted this year, the rest of its Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier planes will also have the offering by 2015.

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The move to offer Wi-Fi is seen to boost Air Canada’s revenues.


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