AT&T Expands Gigabit Broadband Rollout

AT&T Expands Gigabit Broadband Rollout

Keeping pace with rival Google Fiber, AT&T has announced a possible expansion to its GigaPower broadband internet service. AT&T says it will expand super-fast Internet services to as many as 100 additional U.S. cities in 25 metropolitan areas. The service’s 1 gigabit per second speed is about 100 times what U.S. consumers typically get with broadband.

AT&T has already announced plans to bring its 1Gbps fiber-optic service into four metropolitan areas–Austin and Dallas in Texas and Raleigh-Durham and Winston-Salem in North Carolina. On Monday, the telecom giant said it’s looking into expanding its network to 21 other major markets. That would bring fiber services to 100 cities, AT&T says. Source

AT&T hasn’t announced pricing for the U-Verse with GigaPower service in the new territories, but in Austin, where it’s already launched U-Verse with GigaPower, it has priced the service to match Google’s $70 a month service.

The company has made a full list of the prospective markets (and one existing market) as well as an FAQ available to customers on its website. AT&T said that its selection would depend on both the economic potential of a market and the potential willingness of local authorities to aid the company in building and deploying the fiber networks needed to carry the service. Possible rollouts could begin later this year. Source

Now AT&T is expanding beyond those initial deployments and taking gigabit broadband to as many as 100 municipalities within the 21 metro markets. The move will pit AT&T against Google Fiber in a total of 14 markets, including Austin and San Antonio, Texas; eight cities in the Triangle region of North Carolina; Kansas City; San Jose, Calif.; and Atlanta, Ga. AT&T is also planning to build the network in several major cities in which Google has not yet expressed interest, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, and Houston.

“We’re delivering advanced services that offer consumers and small businesses the ability to do more, faster, help communities create a new wave of innovation, and encourage economic development. We’re interested in working with communities that appreciate the value of the most advanced technologies and are willing to encourage investment by offering solid investment cases and policies” AT&T Home Solutions senior executive vice president Lori Lee said in a statement.



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