The US 4G Battle Announced

The US 4G Battle Announced

The battle for 4G supremacy heats up in the US after the announced the MetroPCS acquisition of T-Mobile. That development has placed Sprint Nextel on the hot chair as the newly merged company is working in harmony to become the leading provider of the US 4G broadband service.

The Sprint and T-Mobile markets are focused more on the prepaid subscribers. They are currently racing with each other head-to-head to be the market leader in that particular category. Right now, T-Mobile is trying to offer their services to what they refer to as value prices. However, Sprint is not to be left behind as they started selling LTE 4G plans at a very low rate of just $35 a month. That’s $15 lower than what MetroPCS used to offer.

To change the playing field though, T-Mobile acquired a reseller’s deal for the Apple iPhone, the hottest mobile phone in the market today. Even though T-Mobile won’t be able to offer the usual subsidies given by companies to their prepaid subscribers, they are sure that this new product offering will initiate a huge increase to their current sales.

The neck-to-neck battle of these two giants can only be good for the subscribers. And each of the company’s move are being supported by the market indeed, as both of them gained momentum after releasing their respective 4G service offerings. However, the battle is still hot and steamy right now. With Sprint’s intention of acquiring Clearwire to further expand the company’s LTE 4G coverage, the competition is ready to get even fiercer as time goes by.

On the other hand, T-Mobile’s ambitious goals is to cover the entire US market with its LTE 4G offering, taking more than 200 million subscribers by the end of the year. With the subscribers of MetroPCS under their wing now, the actual results of that ambitious plan is yet to be seen.



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