Ericsson Mobility Report: Smartphone use, Video Surging

Ericsson Mobility Report: Smartphone use, Video Surging

Ericsson, a company engaged in the field of technology and services to telecom operators have recently released a new edition of Ericsson Mobility Report that reveals some interesting facts. One is that mobile data traffic will continue to increase significantly in the next few years.


The increase was caused by the growing use of mobile data to access the video. This is due to improvements in the speed of mobile internet network connection. Overall, it is predicted that by the end of 2018 the mobile data traffic will increase by 12-fold compared to the current data traffic. In addition, the supporting factors are the better development of mobile communication technology, such as HSPA and LTE technologies.

Not only that, the increasing number of smartphone users were also taking part in the improvement of existing mobile data traffic. For example, until Q1 2013, the number of smartphones on the market already touched the figure of 1.2 billion. The number is predicted to increase to 4.5 billion by the end of 2018.

“We expect LTE users will surpass 1 billion users by 2017, approximately 60% of the world’s population was expected to be reached by the LTE network, it is driven by the growing sophistication of devices and also the demand of data-intensive services such as video. Reflecting on the implementation of WCDMA / HSPA, network speed was much improved, as well as the user experience in accessing the data, “said Douglas Gilstrap, Senior Vice President and Head of Group Function Strategy at Ericsson.

For the time being those who have acquired smartphones represent only about 60 million extra subscribers to WCDMA / HSPA networks, 30 million for the GSM / EDGE and 20 million for LTE.

Ericsson Mobility Report on the pulse of the networked society
The new edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report reveals that mobile-data traffic will continue to grow significantly in the coming years, a trend driven mainly.

The Ericsson Mobility Report is published online by Ericsson and will soon be accompanied by interactive tools that will allow users to drill down into the data by market segment.

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