Telefonica launches “Eleven Paths”

Telefonica launches “Eleven Paths”

Telefónica, the Spanish mobile network giant has launched Eleven Paths, a new digital security company which born in a time when security is becoming one of the main concerns of businesses and consumers. The subsidiary will be headed by Chema Alonso, former CEO of Spanish security firm Informatica 64, and arises under the concept of innovation laboratory with the intention to radically change the process of developing products and services in the security area.

The increasingly common practice among companies as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which allows employees to use their own mobile devices in the workplace, the widespread use of social networks and the growing interest of companies in cloud services, has made security one of the objectives of the companies.

Eleven-Paths-CEO“The digital world is changing the rules and security services need to adapt to this new challenge very fast,” says Chema Alonso, chief executive of Eleven Paths. “Security must be a key pillar of internet and services architecture from the beginning,” he added.

Matthew Key, chief executive of Telefónica Digital, says threats to data security are becoming more sophisticated as more data is “held and accessed in the cloud.”

Therefore, the Eleven Paths laboratory will drive innovation in digital security within Telefónica. Now that online fraud and electronic crime has come to smartphones and tablets, the operator considers essential to have a range of products and services that help to protect users and their identities in the digital world.

One of the first Eleven Paths products will be a penetration testing tool, for simulating attacks on companies’ systems in order to find weaknesses. This will be based on an existing Informatica 64 product, FOCA.


Meanwhile, yesterday:

Telefonica Said to Seek Bids for Irish Unit 02 Within Month

Telefonica, a year into its most ambitious asset disposal program, may raise more than 700 million euros ($923.6 million) from the sale of its Irish unit, 02, according to the people. Last month, the Madrid-based company repeated that it wants to cut its net debt to less than 47 billion euros by year end from about 51.2 billion euros.

Telefonica Czech Republic has also announced it’s providing assistance to flood victims

The floods caused damage to the fixed and mobile networks, the extent of which is not known yet. In the areas where floods persist, the operator implements a series of preventive measures to minimise the risk of service disruptions, and the operator’s technicians are repairing damaged network parts.


Photos credit: Telefonica

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