Huawei and China Mobile Bring 4G Coverage to Mount Everest

Huawei and China Mobile Bring 4G Coverage to Mount Everest

The world has become increasingly connected. Most of us sometimes feel frustrated when we are somewhere and there is no signal for cell connection. In fact, today this seems even absurd but it happens. Thing perhaps wait for the technology to take hold and succeed in eliminating the obstacles in order to have cellular connection at all times.

Considering this, it is clear that there are companies who dream beyond on what usually people think or need. For instance Huawei, a worldwide provider of information and communication technologies, along with China Mobile, has teamed up to bring the 4G network coverage to the heights of the Mount Everest.

On June 11 there was a ceremony to mark the launch of this service. China Mobile demonstrated a range of 4G technologies for more than 200 guests, including HD video streaming from the base camp of Mount Everest. Huawei and 4G solutions already put optras parts of the region, including transmission via microwave and 4G devices.

In 2007, Huawei worked with China Mobile on a project to have GSM coverage on Mount Everest to ensure that the climbers could climb safely and to prepare for a leg of the 2008 Olympic Games torch relay. GSM station at the base camp of Mount Everest has operated smoothly ever since and continue to provide visitors with mobile services.

David Wang, President of Huawei Wireless Networks, said: “Bringing 4G to Mount Everest marks an important milestone in global LTE TDD development. We are excited to make this possible, and we look forward to working with more operators around the world to so provide mobile broadband services at any time and place.”

Source: Huawei


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Photo Credit: Bernard Goldbach

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