Usain Bolt Stars in Virgin Media Challenge Your Broadband Ad Campaign

Usain Bolt Stars in Virgin Media Challenge Your Broadband Ad Campaign

Who is better to communicate around the idea of speed as the fastest man in the world? This is probably the thinking that has made ​​the communication department of the English branch of the U.S. Internet service provider Virgin Media before hiring Usain Bolt for a new advertising campaign touting its optical fiber.

Highly staggered this campaign spots and put on stage a competition between high speed internet offered by Virgin Media and “classic internet” only broadband. Usain Bolt represents the first while a small chubby athlete represents the second. Amid these athletic events, there are also Richard Branson, the eccentric owner of Virgin Group, who plays the role of arbiter.

In the first spot, and you can see Usain Bolt and chubby athlete “classic internet” confront on a running track. Everyone is supposed to bring in a current roll of film to customers located at the other end of the track. Their respective races symbolizes the speed of downloading a movie on two internet networks. Usain Bolt and fiber “Virgin Media”, arrives obviously far ahead their competitors.

In a second spot, this time we can discover both athletes lift weights. Raising the bar, on which sit four people simultaneously using internet on different media (computer, tablet and smartphone), and it is very easy for Usain Bolt. The athlete “classic internet” sentence him to lift. Besides it takes so long to do Usain Bolt took the opportunity to give a pedicure while waiting. The message here is also very clear: the high-speed fiber optic Virgin enables, unlike the traditional internet, simultaneous and still fast network use by several people and that, on different media.

The more media comprehensive campaign leads viewers to the microsite ‘Challenge Your Broadband‘, where they can test how fast your current broadband is compared with those of Virgin Media.

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